Move-In / Move-Out


Allow Mini Maid to take the cleaning out of your move.

Our move in- move out service includes our regular list of services plus:

Clean & inside & outside of all empty kitchen & bathroom cabinets
Clean baseboards chair rails, door frames, judges paneling and bookshelves

Clean empty pantry, closets and laundry room
Clean inside & outside of oven, refrigerator and microwave
Sweep garage and unfinished areas on terrace level

Helpful hints for new homeowners:

You can make your new home more sanitized by:
Replacing filters on kitchen and bathroom faucets
Replace toilet seats
Change your air conditioner filters a week after your carpets are cleaned and Mini Maid service is completed (you should schedule your carpets to be cleaned before you schedule your move in - move out service).
Fill jacuzzi spa and tubs with hot water and use spa disinfectant with jets running (follow instructions)

Use a garbage disposal cleaner

Run the dish washer through a couple of cycles with vinegar water on a high heat level.

Mini Maid Founder

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    Leone Ackerly-Hinzman launched the "Team Cleaning" industry in 1973.